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February 2012
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Today is my brother's birthday.

He's 41, just a little more than a year younger than I am, and yet there's a lot of people in my life now who don't even know that I have a brother.

We haven't spoken in more than fifteen years. )

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. . . you only have yourself to blame for fucking up something?

Me too.

Okay, if you're curious, here's the story:

Like, a year ago, I joined, like squillions of other people. I'm not rabid about checking up on my profiles on personals sites-- I kind of figure that I'll get the emails if people are interested. NBD. So there's this guy who winks at me, and I wink back, and then, as far as I know, that's it.

It must have been a good three or four weeks later that I happened to login to the site, and I noticed the guy had sent me an email. I had to wait for payday before I could purchase a membership, and during that time, the 30-day window for reading emails ( yeah, that I didn't realize existed ) EXPIRED.

FUCK!!!!!!! says I, since I'd really actually been interested. Subsequently, dude's profile disappears, and I figured that he found someone else. Well, or that he got pissed off and blocked me, but, whatever.

Last week, I idly logged in and noticed they'd revamped the account home page, and it included little notes about updates to the profiles of people I'd viewed in the past. This guy's profile was listed as "updated". I was actually kind of excited, because I re-read it and yup, still interesting.

So I realized that, you know, I really kind of owe this guy an apology for what probably looked like me blowing him off, at the time. Man, it is NOT EASY to write an email to a guy when you have to start off with an apology.

It's also not easy to get an automated message in return that states, { username } is not interested.

Ow, man. I got BURNED.

And boy, am I KICKING myself for missing the chance in the first place.

In all fairness, though? If positions were reversed, and I was on the receiving end of such behavior? I'm not sure that I would've done anything differently than what he just did. And jeez, it had been a whole year. *cough* Possibly more. *cough*

I like to think that I would at least have read the email and responded via email as well, instead of using an automated shutdown, because that's pretty cold, but then again, maybe he's not a paying subscriber right now, and maybe he didn't want to buy in just to tell me to fuck off. That happened to me with a different guy, back before Christmas, and NO WAY was I wasting thirty-five dollars just to verbally eviscerate this dude-- no matter how richly he deserved it.

Anyway, the upshot of it all is . . . I have no one to blame but myself, and THAT REALLY SUCKS.

*goes off pouting*

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