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Watching Rocky IV and drooling over Dolph Lundgren, circa 1985. But I have to say, this movie seemed a lot better when I was sixteen and watching it in the theater with all of my karate friends.

Still . . . Dolph Lundgren. That was a pretty, PRETTY MAN.

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BUFFY ALUMNI STRIKE AGAIN. And still need makeovers, dammit!

Last night I forced Mom to watch Dancing With The Stars, which I totally blame my supervisor for getting me addicted to, and I caught the commercial for Tom Cruise's latest movie.

Now, I care nothing whatsoever for Tom Cruise, and even less for Cameron Diaz, but what I do care about? Was that Riley I mean, Marc Blucas was in it. And okay, he was wearing a really idiotic-looking mustache, but at least he's finally cut the stupid hair.

He's been wearing it long of late, and between that and the overgrown facial growth, he looks like five miles of bad road.


P.S. Then I watched Castle and got to wave hello at the guy who had played Forrest on BtVS. Hi Forrest! And don't mind me, I'll just be over here, melting into a puddle while I listen to your ( incredibly sexy ) voice. YUM.

I never could make up my mind which of the three of them I wanted to fuck the most. Can I put in a requisition for all three? Thanks!

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Great. Yet another fandom.

The Vampire Diaries has totally sucked me in-- you'll pardon the pun, I'm sure.

The show starts at unlikely and blows straight through implausible and out the other side into ridiculous. Let's just begin with the idea that it's set in Virginia . . . and yet NO ONE SPEAKS WITH A SOUTHERN ACCENT.

Nope. Not a one.

I lived in freakin' DELAWARE for almost two years. Half the people I heard on a daily basis-- and I'm just talking about passing through in a supermarket or an Applebee's or a Wal-Mart-- had Confederate license plates and Southern accents. Virginia's even further south of the Mason-Dixon line, and you expect me to believe that EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT is totally Northern in speech?

And the general historical inaccuracies would make my head explode if I focused on them, so I'm just going to ignore them ( just like the writers do, it seems ).

Yeah. See that hook up there? No, the one on the thirty-fifth floor of the skyscraper next door. Yeah, that's your disbelief, suspended right up there.

Let's not even get into the question of thirty-something actors playing high-school students, shall we? Mmm. I thought not.

And speaking of high school . . . yeah, I REMEMBER that teenage angst, that sense that everything was the END OF THE WORLD, but JFC GTF OVER YOURSELF BITCH.

Which is doubtless what people my age have been saying to people of that age for hundreds of years, so hey! I have something in common with hundred-and-fifty-year-old vampires. Who knew?

Actually, the entire show is kinda like BtVS / Angel, Smallville, and Twilight all mashed up together, and I spend half my time watching it through my fingers and alternately chanting, "I'm too old for this show," and, "I can't believe I'm watching this crap!"

And then Ian Somerhalder's Damon sweeps on screen and blows me away, and I remember . . . yeah, THAT'S why I'm watching it.

My bulletproof kink has always been insane antiheroes.

I love a bad boy in any form, but give me a beautiful, brilliant nutcase with a purpose ( and usually displaying some kind of twisted emotion ), and I am GONE.

It's why I loved Sam in BUABS . . . Angel after he lost his soul . . . and now Damon, the malicious Machiavel with a diabolical plan.

I mean, come on-- what's not to love about a guy who has lines like these:

I promised you an eternity of misery, little brother. I'm just keeping my word.

And then you get Stefan going off and being all tortured and broody and squirrel-eating. I'm waiting for Damon to call him a little bitch and be done with it.

I wouldn't go so far as to call him "comic relief", but Damon always has the best lines, the sharpest delivery, that little zinger that puts one over on someone ( usually Stefan ) and makes me grin.

Like after he gets attacked and is on the phone telling Stefan about it-- and when will Civil-War-era vampires talking on cell phones ever stop being funny, I wonder-- and Damon is, of course, threatening to rip the culprit to pieces over the incident:

Stefan: Are you okay?

Damon: No, I'm not okay. I was ambushed, I was shot, and now I'm vengeful.

I like Damon being pretty much out for himself. He's kind of an asshole and he really doesn't care. There's a certain logic to his behavior . . . like when he confronts the mystery vampire about who turned him and this scene happens:

Logan: Whose side are you on?

Damon: I'm not on anybody's side. You pissed me off. I want you dead.

And he's very casual about it, very matter-of-fact--almost a quid-pro-quo kind of reaction. He obviously has feelings and emotions, but they're all very self-oriented.

Hot Topic put out "Team Stefan" and "Team Damon" t-shirts. I'm humiliated to admit that I actually-- however briefly!-- considered buying one.

Fortunately, it's a crappy picture, and since the thought of giving my money to Hot Topic makes my skin crawl on principle, I was saved from my own rabid fangirlishness.


I'm gonna go slash the brothers Salvatore for a while, now.


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It took me three hours to get to work today, in large part because I stumbled across an accident that must have just occurred . . . an SUV, flipped and still spinning slightly, while the two guys inside managed to actually get the doors open, crawl out, and WALK AWAY.

Talk about lucky days.

I hope those guys went and bought lotto tickets later.


I caught most of the second half of the surprisingly awesome King Arthur last night. The Saxon leader had all the best lines, I thought.

The hands-down winner? After Arthur comes out alone to meet him and threaten his life?

Cedric says thoughtfully: So, Arthur. Finally. A man worth killing.


I got a baby laptop from my daddy for Christmas, yay!!! It's the most adorable little netbook ever!

The only thing I would change is that I would have preferred it to be in my favorite color, red, but you know . . . horses. Mouths. Gifts. Whatevers. I figure I can just get it a red jacket.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be enough time so that I can load it up with fun stuff while I'm here at the office. By which I mean fanfic, of course.


Today I made sure I brought my lunch like a good squirrel. Turkey leg and side of frozen veggies, yum!

Then [info]lucifrix happened to mention in passing "cheese fries" and of course, I'm all like, twist my arm why don't you.

I'm SO easy.

It's just like when someone mentions Chinese food and then that's all you can think about for DAYS.


My Atlanta Falcons won this weekend, in large part I'm sure because the game was not televised anywhere that I might happen to watch it and jinx them. On Sunday, though, I found myself wondering aloud, if you were the three-and-eleven Tampa Bay Bucs, and you're playing the New Orleans fucking perfect record Saints . . . seriously? Do you even show up?

And then they managed to trounce the Saints THOROUGHLY. That was AWESOME.

Of course, later on I found out that the Saints got smashed up the week before, too, which also made me a happy camper, as I bear a Falcon fan's unreasonable seething hatred for our chief rivals.

I still think we should be in the playoffs. Dammit.


Tonight I am meeting Aunt Jinny's partner Claire for dinner and discussion about some problems I think I'm seeing with my mother: above and beyond the usual she-drives-me-crazy kind of problems. I have to make sure I set aside some time to organize my thoughts, as I mean for this to be serious business and not a bitch session ( because after all that is what I pay a therapist for ).

Aside from her general clinginess, Mom's become increasingly withdrawn, fearful, and certainly hostile. She's hit pretty much every one in the top ten of depressive symptoms, and I'm sorry, but I am not psychologically or financially equipped to take over her life ( which I suspect is actually what she wants, anyway ).

Maybe it makes me a bad person, but I am not prepared to run my mother's life for her, just so that she doesn't have to think.

Claire is a doctor, a geriatrician by specialty, and as a family member as well as a medical professional, I'm hoping that she can help me to come up with some kind of game plan that doesn't necessarily involve me being the sole focus. Because I already know I can't handle it, and that's why I'm asking for help.


I defy anyone to watch this and not at least sniffle a little. I'm pretty sure my ovaries were going to explode. But there's something about the whole soldiers-in-Iraq thing that really gets me.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell for it, but when the umpteenth overbearing and pretentious relative said with false sympathy to me at Christmas, "Oh, and no boyfriend again this Christmas? I'm SO sorry," like I had FUCKING CANCER or something, I totally LIED LIKE A RUG and said, "My boyfriend's in Iraq. We're planning to celebrate once he makes it back safely." Cue SADFACE.

And cue annoying aunt-by-marriage doing silent fish impression and then running for the hills.

I just . . . there's a limit to how much patience I have for educating people, you know? And I've been trying to explain for YEARS now why I'm happy being single. I just had. Had. ENOUGH.


So, in recent weeks, I've been *gasp* writing Vampire Diaries RPS slash, because seriously, that is possibly the hottest brothercest since the Winchester boys. ( Although it puzzles me as to why my muse went the RPS route. )

At any rate, I've also become weirdly fascinated with . . . wait for it . . . Adam Lambert.

Why? You may well ask.

I blame [info]astolat and her fucking awesome fic.

I draw the line at actually watching that stupid show, though.


Well, that should do for now. I have notes to make and, in essence, a dinner meeting for which to prepare. Then I will stagger home, probably slapping myself in the face in order to stay awake on the drive, and try to catch the end of the Badgers' bowl game.

Five o'clock is going to arrive all too early tomorrow morning, I'm afraid.

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SPN is everywhere!

This morning on the way to the train station, I drove twenty-six miles right behind a car whose license plates read YED 4VR.

That can't possibly be a coincidence, can it?

Also . . . The Vampire Diaries might possibly be the hottest brothercest since the Winchester boys.

I'm going to hell. But it's such a pretty trip!!!

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Promos can be sneaky.

So I recorded the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries, strictly because it contained the word vampire, you understand.

I hadn't gotten around to watching the eps before switching to DVRing Flash Forward instead. Last night I was going through my DVR, checking obsessively to make sure that my SPN settings were still good, and I decided to just go ahead and delete those first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries. After all, I still hadn't bothered to watch them, and it was probably just another CW teen soap opera, right?

Yes, but . . . it's a CW teen soap opera with Ian Somerhalder in it.


Obviously, I did not know this. I don't remember any promos showing anyone except that guy who played Lucas Luthor, and some random love-interest chick.


Watching it on the computer is just no comparison. Although frankly? It appears that this will be one of those shows best viewed with the sound set on "mute". Still . . . Ian Somerhalder. That is a pretty, pretty man.

*contemplates the pretty*

That is all.

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And that is why I don't do meta, folks. It invariably dissolves into tangents and I end up just squeeing madly.

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