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Totally had to clean out my poor DVR, which was at 87% full and threatening to explode, so this was a TV weekend.

Yesterday was "series day", which means that I watched the last two episodes of White Collar. I LOATHE Eliza Dushku, and I devoutly hope we never have to see her again, but I have the unfortunate feeling that she'll be back. Dammit. I am, however, enjoying the struggle in Neal's character. Looking forward to seeing where this goes when the season picks up again in the fall.

Then I watched the last two episodes of Haven, which also made me very happy. I've been rooting for Audrey and Nathan since the series started, so I hope it works out for them. One of the things I like best about the show is that none of the actors are Hollywood-gorgeous . . . you know, men with chiseled features and equally chiseled abs, women like skeletons with breast implants and flowing manes of hair, flawless features and equally flawless makeup. Lucas Bryant is very attractive, I'll grant you, but not in the currently popular mode. For one thing, he's too skinny by the standards of typical Hollywood hunks-- as is Eric Balfour, whose features have become almost satanic as he's aged. Again, neither of them are leading-man material. And Emily Rose is adorable, but she's also not typically attractive by current standards.

So all that is what originally drew me in to the show. Yes, generally I choose my TV viewing based on the quality and the quantity of the pretty, but Haven really sucked me in because it was so different. Then I stayed for the plot, which has been absolutely fascinating. Sure, a couple of weak episodes here and there, but over all . . . really enjoying it. Though I rather hope something nasty eats Luke Perry's character soon, as he gets on my nerves in a major fucking way.

I've also been following Alphas, but I'm not sure how long it will hold my interest. At the moment, it's interesting, but it also has the potential to become formulaic, I think. Did you know that the guy who plays Hicks in Alphas played the vampire leader, Luther, in SPN? Yeah, I had to look it up, too. I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him for the life of me.

Still behind on Necessary Roughness. Callie Thorne just annoys me SO FUCKING MUCH, I'm having trouble watching it, even for the hotness that is Riley Finn I mean, Marc Blucas. Maybe if I mute the volume I can deal with it better.

Of course, I also had to take a few breaks to watch men's tennis, specifically the Western & Southern Open. My TV tennis boyfriend, Novak Djokovic, made it through the semifinals but had to retire in the beginning of the second set of the final today with a injured shoulder. It's obviously been a hard slog on all the players . . . there have been a lot of disappointing matches these past two weeks, with players withdrawing left and right with injuries or just plain playing well below their usual standard of talent. When Djokovic has won this week, it's either been a long and ugly slugfest, or the the other guy has tapped out--which is its own kind of disappointment. Tsonga went down that way, and so did Berdych, both of whom would have been great matches.

The ATP doesn't give the two-day breaks between matches that the Grand Slam events do, and I think it shows in the weariness of all the players. All the top guys just looked utterly exhausted even after Montreal, and then you add in the weather in Cincinatti? Yeah, small wonder that they're dropping like flies. Djokovic traditionally doesn't seem to do well in the heat, and I naturally sympathize. I'd curl up like a salted slug if I tried to even breathe outside in weather like that. Yuck. I just really hope he went home and faceplanted into his couch and is going to stay there for the next week, recovering and resting up for the US Open. 'Cause I really want to see him win some more titles and prove to all the naysayers that he DESERVES to be Number One. There's still way too many people out there who are pooh-poohing his success, calling him a fluke and a flash in the pan, and to them I say NO.

I've been watching Novak Djokovic since he turned pro in 2003, and I've been waiting for him to have this year. He deserves it, and I hope he gets to keep it.

Abrupt ending here, as it is now late, and I must pack for another work-week staying at Mom's house. *yawns* Glad I had that nap earlier, 'cause I'm sleepy.

Good night!

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The whole damn country's under a massive heat wave, and New Jersey is no exception. Going outside feels like being poached, so indoors in front of the TV it is, with the AC on max cool.

So I just started catching up on Necessary Roughness, strictly for Marc Blucas, you understand.


1. I hate Callie Thorne.

2. Terrence King is very clearly Terrell Owens.

3. Marc Blucas is still playing Riley Finn. This time, it's just Riley with a football in his hands.

4. Unless they settle the stupid NFL lockout / players' strike / whatever stupid crap soon, THIS WILL BE THE CLOSEST I GET TO FOOTBALL THIS SEASON, DAMMIT.

Of course, Item Number Three does not make me love him any less . . . I'm just not sure how long I can put up with Callie Thorne, who seriously gets on my nerves. I didn't like her in Rescue Me, and I'm not crazy about her character now.

I'm not sure how long the appeal of Marc Blucas will hold out over the distaste.

Other than that, I'm not seeing anything too interesting about the show. It seems fairly formulaic-- you know, spunky female lead struggling to balance work and family life while negotiating the chaos of the newly single-- and I'm like, yeah, whatever. I just can't relate.

So, you know, I'll watch it until the appeal of Marc Blucas can no longer overcome the boredom factor, and then I'm sure I'll find something else.

On the plus side, it's nice for him, that he's managed to land a lead role in a series again. Guess he doesn't have to worry about eating oatmeal for a while.

Although he did marry Ryan Haddon last year, and if she's anything like she was when she was married to Christian Slater, she'll be the expensive sort, so the steady paycheck will probably do him some good. Ooh, meow, yes, I know.

On another note, I've also been watching Teen Wolf. It's surprisingly enjoyable so far-- then again, I like The Vampire Diaries, so I am perhaps not the most reliable critic available.

I also tend to base my viewing choices on the quantity and the quality of the pretty, so again . . . questionable validity in the decision-making department.

Still, Teen Wolf definitely is not lacking in the pretty, with plenty of it to go around . . . covering all the types, too. We've got dark hair and light eyes, dark hair and dark eyes, light hair and light eyes . . . there's also Bad Boy Hiding Dreadful Family Secret, Abercrombie Jock With Ace Up His Sleeve, Geeky Best Friend With Heart of Gold--- shall I continue?

My supervisor has a thing for werewolves, so I pimped her in, and now we're arguing about who we think might be the alpha wolf. Personally, my money's on the dweeb teacher-- not the coach ( who I suspect is soon to be wolf chow ), but the other one we see a lot of, the weedy-looking one with the glasses. Mr. Harris, I think is his name? I thought he was the science teacher at first, but maybe it's something else, I'm not really sure now, and they're not terribly worried about continuity, so it's hard to tell for sure.

Abrupt ending here, as the dog is demanding her walk, despite the fact that it is still 82 degrees outside and within fifty yards, she's going to be demanding that we go back inside. I'm sure tomorrow, I'll have more TV to discuss.

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*deep breath* I have faith in Elijah. If anyone knows of a cure, I'm sure he does.

I'm thrilled to see Tyler back, and I hope that he and Caroline hook up at last, because Matt's kind of a big doofus.

But in sum . . . squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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Great. Yet another fandom.

The Vampire Diaries has totally sucked me in-- you'll pardon the pun, I'm sure.

The show starts at unlikely and blows straight through implausible and out the other side into ridiculous. Let's just begin with the idea that it's set in Virginia . . . and yet NO ONE SPEAKS WITH A SOUTHERN ACCENT.

Nope. Not a one.

I lived in freakin' DELAWARE for almost two years. Half the people I heard on a daily basis-- and I'm just talking about passing through in a supermarket or an Applebee's or a Wal-Mart-- had Confederate license plates and Southern accents. Virginia's even further south of the Mason-Dixon line, and you expect me to believe that EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT is totally Northern in speech?

And the general historical inaccuracies would make my head explode if I focused on them, so I'm just going to ignore them ( just like the writers do, it seems ).

Yeah. See that hook up there? No, the one on the thirty-fifth floor of the skyscraper next door. Yeah, that's your disbelief, suspended right up there.

Let's not even get into the question of thirty-something actors playing high-school students, shall we? Mmm. I thought not.

And speaking of high school . . . yeah, I REMEMBER that teenage angst, that sense that everything was the END OF THE WORLD, but JFC GTF OVER YOURSELF BITCH.

Which is doubtless what people my age have been saying to people of that age for hundreds of years, so hey! I have something in common with hundred-and-fifty-year-old vampires. Who knew?

Actually, the entire show is kinda like BtVS / Angel, Smallville, and Twilight all mashed up together, and I spend half my time watching it through my fingers and alternately chanting, "I'm too old for this show," and, "I can't believe I'm watching this crap!"

And then Ian Somerhalder's Damon sweeps on screen and blows me away, and I remember . . . yeah, THAT'S why I'm watching it.

My bulletproof kink has always been insane antiheroes.

I love a bad boy in any form, but give me a beautiful, brilliant nutcase with a purpose ( and usually displaying some kind of twisted emotion ), and I am GONE.

It's why I loved Sam in BUABS . . . Angel after he lost his soul . . . and now Damon, the malicious Machiavel with a diabolical plan.

I mean, come on-- what's not to love about a guy who has lines like these:

I promised you an eternity of misery, little brother. I'm just keeping my word.

And then you get Stefan going off and being all tortured and broody and squirrel-eating. I'm waiting for Damon to call him a little bitch and be done with it.

I wouldn't go so far as to call him "comic relief", but Damon always has the best lines, the sharpest delivery, that little zinger that puts one over on someone ( usually Stefan ) and makes me grin.

Like after he gets attacked and is on the phone telling Stefan about it-- and when will Civil-War-era vampires talking on cell phones ever stop being funny, I wonder-- and Damon is, of course, threatening to rip the culprit to pieces over the incident:

Stefan: Are you okay?

Damon: No, I'm not okay. I was ambushed, I was shot, and now I'm vengeful.

I like Damon being pretty much out for himself. He's kind of an asshole and he really doesn't care. There's a certain logic to his behavior . . . like when he confronts the mystery vampire about who turned him and this scene happens:

Logan: Whose side are you on?

Damon: I'm not on anybody's side. You pissed me off. I want you dead.

And he's very casual about it, very matter-of-fact--almost a quid-pro-quo kind of reaction. He obviously has feelings and emotions, but they're all very self-oriented.

Hot Topic put out "Team Stefan" and "Team Damon" t-shirts. I'm humiliated to admit that I actually-- however briefly!-- considered buying one.

Fortunately, it's a crappy picture, and since the thought of giving my money to Hot Topic makes my skin crawl on principle, I was saved from my own rabid fangirlishness.


I'm gonna go slash the brothers Salvatore for a while, now.


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I am going to be the only fangirl in the world who stalks and captures the object of her affection with the sole intent and purpose of tying him to a chair and giving him a much-needed makeover.

Okay, fine . . . as long as I'm going to jail for all that, I might as well tie him to the bed and molest him, too.

After I've finished tidying up the look.

Yeah, now I'm going to hell, too.

Other than that, all I have to say is OH LEVERAGE HOW I LOVE YOU.

Oh, and apparently Gina Bellman is pregnant? That explains a lot.

I stayed up way too late watching the show, and then I couldn't sleep for the giggling, and five a.m. came way too soon. Fortunately, there was a large frozen mocha with my name on it when I got here to work, and now I feel positively RABID. I am NOT looking forward to the sugar / caffeine crash.

Doubtless I will be spamming my LJ throughout the day.


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Oh, come on. This is just really fucking obvious.

SPN 5.10, Abandon All Hope )

Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY?

More spoilers. )

Also, in the promos? I'm pretty sure I've already read that fanfic.

And, are they KIDDING me? We don't get another episode until FREAKIN' JANUARY?!?!?!?!? What, is Jensen eloping and needs the extra time or something?

IMDB says something's airing next Thursday. They're showing a new episode on Thanksgiving? Huh. That's unusual.

Not that it matters . . . I'm getting my wisdom teeth yanked and I'll probably still be in a Darvocet-induced coma. *glares*

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Promos can be sneaky.

So I recorded the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries, strictly because it contained the word vampire, you understand.

I hadn't gotten around to watching the eps before switching to DVRing Flash Forward instead. Last night I was going through my DVR, checking obsessively to make sure that my SPN settings were still good, and I decided to just go ahead and delete those first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries. After all, I still hadn't bothered to watch them, and it was probably just another CW teen soap opera, right?

Yes, but . . . it's a CW teen soap opera with Ian Somerhalder in it.


Obviously, I did not know this. I don't remember any promos showing anyone except that guy who played Lucas Luthor, and some random love-interest chick.


Watching it on the computer is just no comparison. Although frankly? It appears that this will be one of those shows best viewed with the sound set on "mute". Still . . . Ian Somerhalder. That is a pretty, pretty man.

*contemplates the pretty*

That is all.

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OMG, I thought that the SPN season finale was airing next week.

But no, it's airing this week.

Well, that settles it. I can't go on the cruise if I'm going to miss my show!

Man, that ship had better have satellite TV. That's all I'm saying.

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What's the buzz about Merlin?

So. Talk to me about Merlin, people?

Pimp me in, tell me where to find the eps, stuff like that.

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And that is why I don't do meta, folks. It invariably dissolves into tangents and I end up just squeeing madly.

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